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Design methodology of self-sensing structural composite materials using multiscale thermo-mechanical modeling

Langley Research Center (LARC) - Internship
The proposed research aims to demonstrate a capability whereby a multifunctional material can be designed to achieve its structural requirements, while being optimized to function collaboratively with a specified sensing capability. To this end, a novel modeling and simulation based method will combine kinetic Monte Carlo for the onset and evolution of SMA phase transformation and finite element analysis for the local stress state.
Internship Facts
Session(s): Spring 2018
Available slots: 1
Academic Level(s): College - Senior
Pursuing Masters
Academic Discipline(s): Engineering - Aerospace Eng.
Engineering - Civil Eng.
Engineering - Computer Eng
Engineering - Materials Eng.
Engineering - Mechanical Eng.
Mathematics - Applied Mathematics
NASA Center/Facility Name: Langley Research Center (LARC)
Building Number/Name & Room Number 1205 / 214
Work Environment Office Setting
Expected outcome: It is expected that a material model will be developed and results of computational simulations provided as a journal article.
Student's special skills: C/C++, Python