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Radar sounding of glaciers on Mars

Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) - Internship
The SHARAD radar sounding instrument currently in orbit around Mars has been used to probe the internal structure of glacial features located in the planet's mid-latitudes. The goal of the project is to map radar reflectors representing the base of the glaciers across the planet in order to estimate ice thicknesses and internal properties. The student will use image processing software to map observed radar reflectors and in-house scripts to create maps of the distribution of reflectors within glaciated regions. Results will help to better estimate the amount and distribution of these ice-rich reservoirs, providing insight into the climate history of Mars and availability of water resources for future human and robotic missions.
Internship Facts
Session(s): Spring 2018
Available slots: 1
Academic Level(s): College - Freshman
College - Sophomore
College - Junior
College - Senior
Academic Discipline(s): Science - Astronomy
Science - Earth Sciences
Science - Environ Sciences
Science - Physical Science
Science - Physics
Science - General
NASA Center/Facility Name: Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)
Building Number/Name & Room Number 34 / TBD
Work Environment Office Setting
Expected outcome: The student is expected to gather and analyze radar data and will generate databases of observations that can be used for subsequent mapping and quantitative analyses. Documentation of research notes, methods, and observations is expected throughout the term as well as a short final summary report of research findings.
Student's special skills: Photoshop, Microsoft Office Preferred: IDL programming, GIS experience