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Habitation Hardware Development

Johnson Space Center (JSC) - Internship
Opportunity for well rounded engineer in the JSC, Engineering Directorate, Crew and Thermal Systems Division, Tools Equipment and Habitability Systems Branch. Habitation hardware is crew centric hardware used for sleep, hygiene, food preparation, waste processing, and logistics management. The assignment requires good knowledge of anthropometric (human engineering) considerations, general mechanical design, and experimental test design. Candidates should have good communication skills and be comfortable in open collaborative problem solving environments. Tasks will likely include developing concepts, conducting feasibility assessments or supporting evaluations of metabolic waste collection hardware or logistics cargo soft goods for eventual use on Advanced Vehicles and as technology demonstrations for future exploration missions. Includes testing of water recovery systems for waste processing.
Internship Facts
Session(s): Spring 2018
Available slots: 1
Academic Level(s): College - Sophomore
College - Junior
College - Senior
Academic Discipline(s): Engineering - Aerospace Eng.
Engineering - Biomedical Eng.
Engineering - Integrated Eng.
Engineering - Materials Eng.
Engineering - Mechanical Eng.
NASA Center/Facility Name: Johnson Space Center (JSC)
Building Number/Name & Room Number 29 / 110
Work Environment Laboratory Office Setting
Expected outcome: Document hardware assessments in drawings/models, test report, and final summary presentation. Depending on candidate experience and the specific assignment available, knowledge of CAD modeling software could be a plus.
Student's special skills: Excel/Word/PowerPoint required. ProEngineer desirable.
Comments: Must be US student. Some of the information used during the internship will be controlled as proprietary, sensitive by unclassified, or be limited by crew (astronaut) privacy concerns and will not be able to be distributed or social media posted.