About OSSI

One Stop Shopping Initiative (OSSI) Overview

OSSI is a NASA-wide system for the recruitment, application, selection and career development of high school, undergraduate, and graduate students primarily in science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines. Opportunities for students in other disciplines are available.

The over-arching mission of the One Stop Shopping Initiative (OSSI) for NASA Internship, Fellowship and Scholarship Opportunities is to advance the United States’ policy initiatives for STEM Education and workforce development. The initiative is an innovative, mission-enabling, NASA-wide approach to communicating and providing students at all Institutions access to a portfolio of NASA internship, fellowship, and scholarship opportunities offered by NASA Mission Directorates and Centers. The OSSI enables eligible students to access opportunities through a single portal (https://intern.nasa.gov) and single application. OSSI also enables NASA to continually re-engage students throughout their academic careers.

NASA Education OEIS LaunchPad

The OEIS LaunchPad is an Agency-wide strategic communication tool designed to reach Education stakeholders, including students, faculty, mentors, project managers, and industry partners. The LaunchPad provides internship, fellowship, and scholarship awareness and “user friendly” access to special features such as the One Stop Shopping Initiative (OSSI) Student Online Application for Recruiting NASA Internships, Fellowships, and Scholarships, special event announcements, feature stories, videos, and much more. Please let us know if you cannot find what you are seeking on the OEIS LaunchPad!

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Ensure an understanding of NASA’s perspective on STEM work force development and non-technical internship opportunities competency needs.
  2. Ensure understanding and appreciation of the OSSI, its placement in context of national and NASA policy initiatives, and its benefits to students, NASA and the nation.